Sep 25, 2011

Barn Life

Stephanie came to visit me this weekend in order to break up semester apart in half. Yesterday we drove to Veedersburg, Indiana to visit her old horse trainer. You may remember that last time we were there, Steph's cat Ninja decided that he'd rather run wild than live in my apartment in Champaign. Well around Christmas time, he showed back up at the barn and has been living there ever since. He now goes by the name Tux and is living well off of barn mice and birds (and actual cat food now and then). Steph and I are happy that he is living a life he seems to enjoy and that he can exercise his killer instincts on real prey instead of us. Steph and Ms. Leitha chatted a lot about horses, while I spent most of the time taking pictures.

Scooter chills in the barn

Toma/Sneakers/Ninja/Tux living wild among the green peppers and basil

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  1. I'm glad to see Toma/Sneakers/NJ/Tux doing so well. Great picture. Better him than that wimp Buddha to be living off the land!