Aug 28, 2011

Community Building

Sunday evening, a bunch of ESL Writing TAs and MATESLers (+Joe, Harrison, and a couple others' roommates) got together for a barbecue. I made Filipino barbecue (chicken skewers) and lumpia, and people brought assorted drinks and other snacks. I always like hanging out with my coworkers and classmates outside of school because it proves that I am more than just a student living in here in this corn town because they gave me a tuition waiver. 

Balancing Act

Also, earlier this weekend, me, Joe, and some other ARCHies went to the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival. Our mission to eat funnel cake and corn was a success. We also had a moonbounce pugil stick battle. Joe won 2-1.

Sweetcorn Newbies

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