May 14, 2011

Minigolf Mayhem

With some lag time between the end of school, graduations, and travels, a bunch of us decided to play mini-golf in Champaign. It was a cool place with batting cages, trampoline basketball, and 2 putt putt courses. There were these wheels that you spun before a few holes that added some mischief to the hole. Rob was the ultimate winner, shooting a 46. The foursomes, amazingly enough, tied with 212 strokes a piece.

The following pictures were all legal shots taken today.

Silvia had to take her first shot with her foot, blind.

Joe bowls his first shot

Derek sets up an obstacle after Jenna switched ball positions with him (she put his right barely off the tee).

1 comment:

  1. trampoline basketball sounds amazing. or like the great basis for a lawsuit. but either way, I'd be in.