May 2, 2011

I have the best friends ever.

Without my friends here in CU, I think I would have gone insane by now. Today, however, they've crossed the line into the realm of so awesome that it stops you in your tracks. About a week ago, Joe suggested that since we haven't seen a movie since fall semester that we should check out Source Code. After running the half marathon and playing sports and a late night, a movie sounded like a good way to spend a Sunday. Then we went to Walmart, where I bought a rotisserie chicken because I was starving.

When we got back to the apartment I put my key in the door and realized that it was unlocked. I immediately worried that I had forgotten to lock the door. Then when I walked in I was more freaked out because there were all these shoes in the entryway. Don't exactly know what went through my mind, but it was something like "Drunk strangers are in my apartment...what do I do?" Then I went to the kitchen and turned on the light and a bunch of MATESLers (plus Harrison) and ARCH people (plus Pepe) yelled "SURPRISE!" Apparently Joe had organized a dinner where my friends would cook a meal as thanks for all the times that I had invited people over and cooked for people. It was really touching, and I'm still kind of in shock at the whole thing as it was COMPLETELY unexpected. No one's ever done anything like that for me before. After eating and chatting for a while, we played Scattergories, which got really intense.

And I still have that rotisserie chicken.

What made me think that something was not right...

Mica and Harrison (the eventual winners by 1 point) express their disapproval for a Team 1 submission.

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  1. How awesome! What an excellent roommate!