Dec 19, 2010

Late night musings, friendly faces...

Supriya had a holiday party at her place this past Friday night. I did something I rarely do, which is forget my camera. I noticed it before we even left my cul-de-sac, but I didn't want to turn back. While it was kind of liberating to not be carrying or worrying about my camera and flash, I still found myself seeing photos I could be taking in the middle of playing Taboo or catching up on life.

Next to my first prime lens, buying the Speedlite has been the most important camera purchase I've made. The possibilities for indoor photography have grown drastically, and I've learned some valuable lessons about light and contrast. I find myself falling into post-processing habits that I don't want to get locked into. Part of it is my personal taste and style, but some of it is a rush to upload. I feel like I'm not using Lightroom and Photoshop to my full creative potential. Sometimes I just want to get these pictures to Facebook, but I think one thing I'll do over break is go through some old photos and see what I can make out of them. It's been a while since I've really played with the developing process outside of standard leveling.

Break is not even a week old! It's been a busy four days of baking, board games, and wine bottles. Here's to more fun times.

Sexy Nom?

My Baker Ex-Roommate

Friendly Conversation

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